The Advantages of Knowing the Lemon Laws in Florida After Buying a Car

When you buy a used car, you trust the person who sells it to you to be honest about its condition. However, some sellers are less than scrupulous. They actually have your worst interests at heart as they take your money and outright lie to you about the car that you have just bought.

If you suspect that you have been taken advantage of, it is important for you to know about and make use out of the Florida lemon law. This law can help you get your money back and take legal action against the seller.

Recouping the Money That You Spent

One of the primary uses for the Florida lemon law involves getting your money back from the car’s seller. If the seller took advantage of you and sold you a car that was not in good condition, you have the right to go after him or her and get your money back.

To qualify for this action, you have to have been lied to by the seller. He or she must have withheld important information like defects in the car from you. You also have to be able to prove it like with a signed contract or eyewitness to what the seller said.

Taking Legal Action Against the Seller

You also can use the lemon law to take legal action against the seller. The most common action that victims take is to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit aims to recover your money as well as seek punitive damages that you have suffered in the transaction. To take this form of action, you need to hire a skilled attorney who knows the lemon laws in your state.

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