The Advantages of Choosing a Mesa, AZ Medicare Advantage Plan

When it comes time to choose your Medicare plan, you are faced with a few different choices. There are the Part A or B plans that everyone is familiar with and there is also a Part C that is available through private companies that have been approved by Medicaid to offer the plan. There are actually quite a few advantages to enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans in Mesa, AZ.

Covers Things That Original Plans Do Not

If you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you are going to have extra coverage that the original plans do not. This coverage includes dental plans as well as visions plans which come in very handy when they are needed. Some plans even cover the hearing. Be sure to speak with your plan administrator to check everything that your plan will cover for you.

Prescription Plans

Unlike the original Medicare plans, which force you to carry a separate prescription drug plan, Medicare Advantage has a prescription plan already worked in. This means you do not have to submit separate claims or make separate payments to different plans. It truly is a single solution.

Silver Sneakers

When you sign up for Medicare Advantage plans in Mesa, AZ, you get the benefit of being covered for basic fitness courses through a wide range of gyms all over the country. This is known as the Silver Sneaker option and is highly popular among seniors. You can get and stay fit without having to pay extra to maintain a gym membership.