Termite Infestation – Causes and Solutions

Of all the pests that can infest your home, termites are some of the most serious, as they eat away at wood, cause a lot of damage, and can be difficult to remove. This quick guide will inform you of the causes of termite infestation that you can be aware of to help prevent them, and what to do if a termite infestation occurs in your building:

Causes of Termites

Realtor.com says that termites are most active in warmer climates, which is why they are especially common in Florida and the southern states; however, they can occur in any state and at any time of year too. You can call for a termite inspection from a pest control service such as Chet’s Pest to determine the likelihood of an infestation in your building. Common things which attract termites are:

  • Moisture
  • Wood
  • Foliage
  • Moist air
  • Scrap timber
  • Soil
  • Mulch

Any of these can provide a warm and inviting home for termites, attracting them to your building.

Termite Solutions

Some termite infestations are unpreventable, but you can cut down on the likelihood by keeping your home, particularly anything made of wood, free from contact with soil. You can also help prevent them by sealing cracks in the foundation and keeping scrap timber and mulch away from the building.
If an infestation does occur, it is essential to call for a termite inspection and removal as quickly as possible. Failure to do so could result in structural damage to a building that is expensive to repair. A one-off removal of termites can also take measures to prevent further infestations in the future, saving you money.

Knowing the causes of termite infestations, how to prevent them, and who to call if an infestation should occur, will keep your home or building free from termite damage and save you money on pest control in the future.

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