Terminology To Know When Buying A Mattress In Kalamazoo

Sometimes shopping for basic household items can become very confusing, particularly if you are shopping for a mattress. This is because there are some very specific terms that are used that may be confusing to the general public.

It is a good idea always to shop at a furniture and bedding store in Kalamazoo where you feel comfortable. Look for stores where the staff can answer questions and doesn’t pressure or push customers into a sale. This is particularly important when buying mattresses as you want to be sure to get the right one for your personal comfort.

To help, here are some common terms you will hear when shopping for your new bed. Each of these terms will be essential to recognize to be able to find the mattresses that are most suited to your sleep needs.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds allow the sleepers to move the bed into different positions. This is often recommended for people with sleep problems, back or body pain, snoring or with any type of problem in sleeping on a traditional mattress. It is also ideal for anyone who enjoys reading or watching television in bed.


This is a mattress that adjusts to your body and provides supportive areas and softer areas based on your body and the pressure exerted on the mattress. The most common type of contoured mattresses is the memory foam.

These memory foam mattresses can also be designed with a layer of gel, which provides temperature control as well as support. These mattresses are very popular and are good for people sleeping in most positions.

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer or a “pillow” like surface to the mattress. This will provide a softer surface to the mattress that is very relaxing and comfortable. These mattresses still provide good levels of support, but they have the additional layer of padding on the top.

Another option that is between the memory foam and the pillow top mattresses is a plush top. This mattress has more give than the memory foam but not as much as the pillow top, which makes it a good option for most people.

Remember, if you are shopping in Kalamazoo for mattresses, be sure to know the size of the bed. Most mattresses come in standard sizes that are the same between manufacturers, but some companies offer different sizes that may only be available through special orders.

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