Ten Weird Yet Wonderful Museums In Manhattan

One of the many reasons why people chose to stay in boutique hotels in Manhattan is to have the time to visit the city’s renowned museums. New York City has boasts the Museum Mile. It is home to the Guggenheim, the MoMA and the Whitney. It is a cultural Mecca. Yet, why restrict yourself to the usual. Why not get up off your luxurious bed and head out to discover some of the weird yet wonderful museums in the city.

City Reliquary Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you thought you knew New York, think again. Leave your fashionable boutique hotels and come explore unconventional New York. Only here can you find terra cotta fragments from long gone buildings together with subway paint chips, old-fashioned postcards of city icons and souvenir pens.

Elevator History Museum Long Island City, Queens

This tiny museum opened in an office in 2011 features a collection of elevator items and memorabilia including button plates, car ceilings, ID plaques and industry tools.

Louis Armstrong House MuseumCorona, Queens

Jazz fans do not want to miss the chance to wander through the home of jazz icon Louis Armstrong. This is not all about the music. It affords a look into the personal and private life of the great jazz musician.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum Lower East Side

The rooms of this restored tenement house recreates the living conditions of those who lived in this area during the period from 1863 to 1935.

Morbid Anatomy Library Brooklyn

If you are interested in anatomy, taxidermy, death and medicine, this is the museum for you. The collections are gruesome, fascinating and definitely weird.

Museum of Sex 233 Fifth Avenue, New York,

This is for those who want to know everything about the sex life and practices of humans, animals and even robots as depicted in street art and film.

Museum of the American Gangster East Village, Manhattan

Once a former speakeasy, this is the perfect showcase for a history of gangsters during the Roaring Twenties and organized crime through time. From slave traders to smugglers to the bootleggers of the prohibition era, this museum tells all.

New York Fire Museum Manhattan

Housed in a marvelous Beaux-Art style building, this museum is dedicated to those who served and protected NYC from fires. Wander through exhibits of fire fighting artifacts covering not only the city’s early carnation as New Amsterdam but more recent artifacts from the debris of Ground Zero.

New York Transit Museum Brooklyn

The museum exhibits everything, early metal slugs/phony tokens to old turnstiles. See preserved subway cars covered with historic maps and ads. Abandon your boutique hotels, ride a subway and make this pilgrimage.

The Skyscraper Museum Lower Manhattan

If architecture and history are your thing, this museum is perfect. It gives you a thorough grounding to understanding the basic technology and history of the rise of the skyscraper in NYC.

From Boutique Hotels to Classic Weird

New York City is a place where everyone can uncover their weird but intriguing side. Take a ride on the subway and discover the other side of New York. Visitors to New York and guests in boutique hotels in Manhattan may find this a liberating and very different thing to do.

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