Temporary and Permanent Fall Protection Systems for Rooftop Applications

Railing systems for rooftops are essential protection against falls. Many guardrail and railing systems are completely customizable to conform to various rooftop layouts. Although they can be both temporary and permanent, a common choice is the permanent non-penetrating option. Most systems assemble directly on the roof surface.

Rooftop Railing Options

Galvanized, aluminum and powder-coated steel railings meet the fall-protection needs of industrial and commercial environments. They easily assemble without welding and can be powder coated with various colors.

Galvanized – The railing is less expensive than aluminum railing and color coated steel. It’s coating is such that it doesn’t rust easily and is easy to maintain. Galvanized railing can be powder coated in various colors.

Aluminum – The railing should never rust. It can hold up during various weather conditions like ice, snow, rain and high UV rays. Aluminum railing is very durable and won’t warp or twist over time. Aluminum railing can be powder coated in various colors.

Powder-coated Steel – The safety-yellow railing, is the least expensive, ready to ship railing available. It provides an extra layer of resistance to corrosion and is also available in custom colors.

Rooftop Railing Safety Products

Safety Rail Source offers all of these rooftop fall protection options, and many others. These products are ideal for hotels, institutions, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. For more information, contact Safety Rail Source LLC at (877) 723-3766 or visit www.safetyrailsource.com to learn more.