Team Building Through The Insights Discovery Personal Profile

More and more businesses today are moving away from highly competitive types of workplace scenarios to creating effective teams working collaboratively to achieve far superior outcomes. However, unless you are using the Insights Discovery personal profile as a tool to help develop teams you may not see the outcomes you had hoped for.

The Challenge of Team Building

It is really not surprising that without the Insights Discovery personal profile team building is a hit and miss proposition. After all, business managers are not trained in psychology and human interaction and what may initial seem to be a good mix on the surface can turn into a human resource disaster.

The reason that an Insights Discovery personal profile is so useful on a company-wide basis is that it allows everyone to learn more about each other. Individuals can find out their own strengths and potential weaknesses and that same information is available to managers to develop teams that compliment rather than negate each other.

Make Differences a Positive

Another important aspect of using a Insights Discovery personal profile as part of a staff-wide training is that it is a way to highlight differences. It is important to stress that no one type or profile is better than others, but with the various differences in strengths a more complete and collaborative team can be developed based on each member getting to use their natural areas of strength.

This insight, when used as part of a true collaborative approach to work delegation within the team, is highly insightful. It is also essential in limiting competitive issues and making decision-making easier for the team.

Pairing Compatible Types

In smaller groups or teams minimizing the friction between personality types is important. This doesn’t mean that opposite personality types through the Insights Discovery personal profile can’t work together, but when people understand potential “hot button issues” proactive discussion and effective leadership can turn those differences into assets working for rather than against the group.

Using Insights Discovery personal profile as a staff development only makes management’s life a lot easier. It is also a way to build teamwork within the company as people see each other for their strengths instead of focusing in on areas of weakness or difference.

At Discover Yourself we can provide Insights Discovery personal profile reports that are effective for management and teams.

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