Take your Exterior Doors from Boring to Breathtaking

For a very interesting look at the difference in constructions, design options and renovation possibilities, try a little experiment the next time you have some time. Drive around any new development and take a look at the houses being built, paying particular attention to the details they are including, such as the exterior doors featured with these homes.

If you are looking at custom homes or home renovations by top contractors and builders, you will quickly notice something very different about each home. They will feature exterior doors in Hialeah FL that are unique, specially selected for that home style, and that add to the overall beauty and curb appeal of that home.

Now, drive around an older neighborhood and take a look at the homes, again focusing in on the exterior doors. You will probably find they all look the same, maybe just different colors, but it is obvious there was no special attention paid to their selection.

Upgrade to a New Look

This little exercise really brings to focus a simple factor about home upgrades and renovations. It is the attention to detail in all aspects of the project, including the exterior doors, which result in the best overall look.

You can incorporate this into a home renovation, even if you are doing it on your own. By finding just the right front door, you can change the look of your entrance and the entire front of the home without having it completely remodeled.

Make it Bigger

One simple option for exterior doors in renovations, is to make the entrance way a bit grander. This means adding a sidelite, or perhaps two, and a transom. The sidelites and transom combination can be used even with a single front door to add design, light and an open and welcome look to the front of the home.

Another option is to choose a round or arched top exterior door for a different look altogether. These can also be single or double, and they look amazing with any style of home. They are also a natural match if you have rounded windows on the upper floor or a bay or bow window on the house facade.

Even something as simple as getting rid of the boring old white door and choosing from the beautiful, rustic style of wood exterior doors can give a home a completely new look. Choose a stain and finish to match your home colors and you have a brand new look without the cost of a complete renovation.

With our years of experience in this business, our staff at Nachon Lumber & Hardware can help you choose the right exterior doors for your home renovation.

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