Take Your Business to the Next Level with Better Communication Across Teams

As a manager or a member of human resources, we’re sure you realize the importance of team building. It brings together a group of diverse individuals and gives them a chance to work as a team and in a fun way. This can help your workplace be more productive and ensure team members know a little about each other. We’ll go over some important statistics below and discuss how team building can take you to the next level.

The Numbers

You may be concerned about spending money on team building without proper returns at the end of the investment. However, that is highly unlikely. In fact, recent studies show that about 70% of workers are not engaged at work. That’s a problem. Especially when you consider the next figure. Your employees who are engaged are almost 90% less likely to leave their job. This is important stuff, and while the idea of implementing team building can be stressful, there are ways to reduce that feeling.

Communication Matters

Most of the failures that happen in the workplace are in some way related either to  poor communication or inability to collaborate. To add on to that, less than 50% of employees hold the belief that management at their organization discusses matters in an effective and truthful manner. The great thing is that are numerous ways to communicate better with your employees. Team building activities make it fun filled, while providing require communication at the same time.

How Team Building Games Can Help

Team building games push your employees out of their bubbles and push them to communicate with those around them. It doesn’t have to feel forced or stressful, it can be done in a way where everyone has a lot of fun. One excellent example of this is Beatswork, a team building game offered by d’frens. This game involves taking groups and allowing them to work with percussion instruments to make an unbelievable musical experience. This example experience provides your workers the chance to work together while keeping their own identity.

Wide-range of Team Building Games

At d’frens, we offer a whole host of team building options for your business. We provide leadership activities, project management activities, and more. We also provide employee engagement activities that center around health and wellness, work-life balance, and culture and values. If you’d like to book a game for your company, you can visit our website to set something up.

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