Take These Safety Precautions While Waiting for Semi Truck Towing in Newnan, Ga

If you’re a truck driver, you already know that driving a semi comes with it’s unique share of safety concerns. If you find yourself in need of semi-truck towing in Newnan, GA, this could present additional safety concerns. Here are a few steps you should take for safety precautions.

1.Always put the reflectors out.

It could be noon and people could still say they didn’t see a giant truck on the side of the road. Always put reflectors out while awaiting a tow truck. This also helps the tow truck driver to spot you down the road. You can also turn on your emergency blinkers.

2.Don’t stand on the traffic side of the truck.

Again, people will claim they didn’t see the truck. Don’t put yourself in danger. In fact, the safest bet may be to wait inside your truck as long as the truck isn’t smoking or on fire. If this isn’t possible, wait on the opposite side of the truck but not directly behind it.

3.If there has been an accident, call the police.

The police can most likely call a trusted tow company for you after they get there, so a tow company may not be your primary concern. If you’re hurt, stay in your truck unless it’s on fire or smoking. Don’t move the truck or any other vehicles that may have been involved unless someone is in immediate danger.

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