Take Advantage of Winter Deals to Service and Maintain Your Air Conditioning in Palm Harbor

It may seem that the dead of winter is the silliest time to have an air conditioner worked on, but when you give the idea a little more thought you begin to realize how much sense it really makes. For instance, during winter the air conditioner sees much less usage which makes this the best time for cleaning the system properly and ensuring any vents and ducts are well cleaned also. Properly cleaned ducts, ventilation covers and air conditioning components can greatly increase the quality of air inside your home. This improved air is the first step in insuring your home in Palm Harbor is as bacteria and allergen free as possible.

Another excellent reason for repairing the Air conditioning in Palm Harbor during the winter months are the excellent deals that most heating and air conditioning contractors are willing to make. While the actual bargains will change from company to company as well as from day to day you can usually find specials that include free maintenance with a yearly repair contract or other similar enticements. Taking advantage of money saving promotions such as these might add years to the life of your comfort appliances and save you some cash in the process.

The average air conditioner is a pretty simple appliance in theory. Unfortunately, the final application often complicates things in an effort to improve the efficiency of the device. The air conditioning system works by removing heat from the home. A side effect of the heat collection process is the colder air that envelops the evaporator coil. This air is then circulated throughout the home using a series of ducts running to each individual room/area.

To collect the heat the air conditioner must pump a refrigerant through a series of coils. The inside coil picks up heat and transfers it to the refrigerant being pumped through the coils. The outside coil then allows the heat to be released into the atmosphere. This actually makes the compressor or condenser system the most likely component to break on your Air conditioning in Palm Harbor. To repair this type of failure a contractor such as Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. will need to remove the refrigerant before disconnecting the compressor motor.

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