Sylvia’s Queen of Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem

Why go around hungry when searching for New York furnished apartment rentals when there’s good Soul Food right around the corner? Sylvia Woods is the Queen of Soul Food, and her self-named restaurant in Harlem is one that the wonderful aromas of home-cooking will lure you inside of time and time again. It’s been visited by numerous celebrities from Magic Johnson to President Obama, but everyone who walks through the doors, no matter how young, old, rich or poor, is always considered family.

What is Soul Food?

People searching for New York furnished apartment rentals near Harlem may not know what Soul Food is exactly. By the dictionary’s definition, it’s labeled “traditional southern African-American food”. But the meaning of the word goes so much deeper than that. Though the term itself was coined in the 1960s when Mrs. Woods opened up her restaurant, the tradition goes back over 200 years. When you look at a delicious Soul Food dish, you’ll notice that there are side items such as collard greens that contain meat in them. The meat is used for seasoning, and the flavor comes out more naturally, or soulfully. Many of the dishes are made from scratch and intuition because the originators of these wholesome dishes cooked with their hearts instead of a recipe, even though those who love Soul Food today have now written these original (sometimes completely spontaneous) combinations down.

The Menu at Sylvia’s

Even though Sylvia has now passed away, her tradition of delicious Soul Food lives on, and you can enjoy a plate for yourself as you search for New York furnished apartment rentals in and around the Harlem area. No matter what time of day it is, you will find a wonderful hot meal on the long menu that will touch your spirit. If it’s early, the breakfast menu has unique combinations that originate from the deep south, like Southern Fried Chicken (or Catfish) and Grits, or the popular Chicken and Waffles. Great appetizers at Sylvia’s include Sylvia’s Sassy Wings, tasty Salmon Bites, and Chicken Livers with Sylvia’s delectable brown gravy.

If you happen to come in for lunch, you will be happy to know that there are great specials. Some that go on every day are the scrumptious Baked Ham and the Herb Baked Chicken Breast, but there are daily specials that switch up during the week. Served on Monday are delightful Stewed Chicken & Dumplings, and on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays are two different dishes – the “Taste of the South” Oxtails as well as the mouthwatering hot Meatloaf plate with Sylvia’s Secret Sauce.

Thursday’s daily special is also wonderful. It’s a bed of cornbread dressing with Stewed Turkey Wings on top, and Fridays through Sundays time-honored Southern Style Chitterlings are the unique special.

There’s no need to have stomach rumblings on your hunt for New York furnished apartment rentals as long as Sylvia’s Queen of Soul Food Restaurant is open. They are conveniently located at 328 Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem.

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