Switch Your Decades-Old Windows for Modern Home Replacement Windows in St. Louis

If your home is a few decades old, it’s time to look at home replacement windows in St. Louis. Even if your current windows seem to work fine, they actually need to go. This is because the technology of decades ago was very basic. Even with the storm windows closed, old windows let huge amounts of heat out of the house in the winter. In the summer, they blast the sun’s heat into your home. New windows, on the other hand, are highly insulated. They’re also treated with anti-UV coatings. This makes them far more efficient than the windows of old.

What is Different about Double-Paned Windows?

Modern double-paned windows are far different in concept than what you get from simply sliding a storm window over a regular one. With the old windows, the two panes of glass were not sealed together, and in fact, didn’t have an airtight seal at all. Closing a second pane cut some of the drafts, but the lack of a seal destroyed the insulation value there could have been. A modern double-paned window has two panes that are permanently sealed, and the space in between is filled with a gas like argon. Opening the window opens both panes, so that seal is never broken. This construction provides a barrier between the interior and the outdoors that multiple old-fashioned panes can never match.

UV Protection

The UV coating is the other key factor with modern home replacement windows. It’s what makes it so that the sun can’t heat up your house during the summer. This, in turn, will lower your electricity bills by reducing the workload on your air conditioner. It’ll also make it much more comfortable to sit near the window and enjoy the view.

Modern Frames

Vinyl frames aren’t popular because they’re cheap. Instead, they are preferred because they won’t rot and don’t need to be painted. They’re also great for holding double-paned windows, which are thicker than their old single-paned counterparts. In fact, certain vinyl window frames are made to hold triple-paned home replacement windows. These are even more efficient than the standard two-pane version.

With these things in mind, it’s plain that decades-old windows really aren’t working the way windows should. Upgrade today, and enjoy the energy and cost savings of modern window construction.

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