Surrounding Fruit Trees With Brick Borders And Layers Of Mulch And An Additional Masonry Service In New Canaan CT

If several fruit trees are growing on a residential piece of property, a layer of mulch surrounding each one’s base will prevent weeds from growing and will help the soil retain plenty of moisture. In order to contain mulch, a brick border can be installed around each tree. The following steps describe how to install borders and mulch with basic landscaping materials.


  • rake
  • garden shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • weed pulling tool
  • topsoil
  • measuring tape
  • ground marking the paint
  • bricks
  • mortar mix
  • water
  • bucket
  • trowel
  • sponge
  • watering can
  • hose
  • mulch

Raking, Removing Weeds And Installing Borders

A rake can be used to collect leaves, twigs and other types of lawn debris. A shovel can be used to place debris inside of a wheelbarrow so that it can conveniently be transported to another part of a yard. A weed pulling tool needs to be inserted into the dirt that surrounds each weed that is growing next to fruit trees. Shovelfuls of topsoil need to be added to depressions in the ground.

After leveling soil with a rake, a measuring tape and ground marking paint can be used to mark the section that a border will be installed on. Bricks can be secured with mortar mix that has been mixed with water. A trowel will assist with smoothing out mortar. If too much mortar is applied, it can be eliminated with a damp sponge.

Watering Trees And Adding A Layer Of Mulch

A watering can or water hose can be used to add water to the base of each tree. A layer of mulch needs to be added to the ground to prevent soil from becoming dry. Weeds will not be likely to grow next to fruit trees as long as mulch remains in place. New mulch may need to be added each season in order to retain the appearance of a piece of property.

A business that provides a Masonry Service in New Canaan CT can be hired to assist with landscaping projects. Retaining walls, borders and walkways are outdoor features that are commonly installed by Giglio Landscape Services LLC or another business that offers a Masonry Service in New Canaan CT.

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