Superstitions Surrounding Wedding Decorations in Milwaukee, WI

Spring is coming soon and with it will come many weddings. Weddings can be complicated, confusing, and very tiring, but every now and then comes along a look at weddings that will entertain you. Below you will find a few wedding superstitions that are so outrageous, you will find yourself laughing all the way to the church. No matter what you are doing to prepare for your wedding, everyone needs a little laughter in their lives at some point during the planning. Get in touch with Bartz’s Greenfield for more details.

Blind Guys and Pregnant Women

In the days of old, a guy always sent a trusted family member to talk to the bride-to-be during the proposing phase. However, if the person saw a pregnant woman or a blind man on the way to the intended bride’s house, it was a bad omen and all bets were off.

Last Names Should Never Start with the Same Letter

It was thought centuries ago that marrying someone who has the same letter in the beginning of their last name as you would result in the couple not being happy. That one of course, has been tested and is true part of the time.

Your Choice of Wedding Decoration Colors can Bring Good or Bad Luck

When searching for Wedding Decorations Milwaukee WI brides should make sure, they are the right color to bring them good luck. Many brides want their bouquets to match the color scheme of their wedding. Peonies are considered a color no-no, while roses are said to be the color of love. You will want to stick with rose-colored decorations if you want a happy marriage.

Don’t Drop the Rings

This superstition is not one that anyone wants to think about during their wedding ceremony. However, at one time it was considered to be very, very bad to drop the wedding rings during the ceremony. Whoever drops the wedding ring, whether it is the man or woman, will be the first to die, and they aren’t talking about 50 years down the road.

Getting married is a serious thing and weddings can be serious as well. When you are looking for the perfect wedding decorations, you can find them at Bartz Displays, just be sure to stay away from the unlucky colored wedding decorations.

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