Substances to Avoid Sending to a Septic Tank in Conroe, TX

A private residential septic system is required for properties that are not connected with municipal wastewater treatment. A septic tank in Conroe, TX, is intended to gradually break down human waste. It also can manage toilet paper and a reasonable amount of detergent, soap, shampoo and conditioner. Many things people believe are OK to flush should be thrown in the trash instead.

Items That Don’t Break Down

Many items that are commonly flushed do not actually degrade well, if at all. That leaves them to settle at the bottom of the tank or float on top of the liquid layer. Common examples include feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cotton balls and baby wipes. Some of these things can get stuck in septic system filters.

Harsh Chemicals

It’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals that could wind up in a septic tank in Conroe, TX. For example, a small amount of bleach in the washing machine occasionally is OK, but the household residents shouldn’t make a routine habit of bleaching laundry. Bleach is a strong disinfectant and can kill friendly bacteria in the tank responsible for breaking down waste material.


For a similar reason, flushing medicine is also inadvisable. Any substance with antibiotic or antimicrobial properties may attack the friendly bacteria.

Concluding Thoughts

Following these guidelines helps households keep their septic system running smoothly and without problems. Another important strategy is to have the tank pumped as frequently as recommended. This work can be done by Business Name, which provides information about the company at website domain. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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