Strange Funerals in Palm Springs CA And Elsewhere

Not every funeral needs to be a mournful affair. While the family and friends are certainly sad to see the departed go, there are many of them who love to put on a joyful and sometimes even bizarre affair in memory of the deceased, exactly as they would have wanted it. Here are some of the most unique Funerals in Palm Springs CA and elsewhere that one could possibly imagine.

Bowling Not Bawling

One young lady who passed away unexpectedly in Palm Springs was such an avid bowler that her friends and family decided to honor her in a way they knew she would have loved. They rented a bowling alley for the afternoon and knocked out a few games by rolling the casket, which was equipped with wheels, down the lane. The pins were all monogrammed and the funeral party even wore matching bowling shirts.

Go Steelers Go

Even a sports superfan can have a boisterous funeral celebration. Take, for instance, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan whose family brought all of his favorite furniture right into the funeral home. They proceeded to prop his body up with a bottle of beer and a cigarette (unlit) in his hands. After this, they placed a looped video of Steelers highlights on his television so that he could enjoy the game from the afterlife.

Vroom Vroom

A veritable sportscar enthusiast always said he could not bear to part with his favorite Corvette. When he died in the early 90s, his wife made arrangements to have him buried behind the wheel of his much beloved car. His body was placed in the car and the car lowered into an extra-large grave. This way, he would never be away from his car, even after death.

Hopefully, these tales of strange but prideful Funerals in Palm Springs CA and other places can help one to realize that not all funerals need to be dry, staid affairs. As long as the celebration is done with respect towards the deceased, in a manner they would have enjoyed, there really is no limit as to how the dearly departed may be honored.

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