Store Your Personal Items at a Self Storage in Henderson, NV

If you’ve just moved to the Henderson, NV area and need storage space, you’ll definitely find it at Canyon Road Self Storage. They offer many different size spaces, beginning with a small 5×5 closet to store small items, to the largest, which is a 12×70 storage that can house a car, boat, and even an RV. The large storage spaces are also drive-thru to make it easier to get into and out of your chosen area. If you’ve been relocated or have downsized and want to keep many of your collectibles, antiques, furniture and memorabilia safe and sound, having them stored at the Self Storage in Henderson, NV is a wise choice.

Log on to the website where you can view where the company is located, see all the buildings and read the FAQs about how to lease one of the spaces. They are located in the historic city of Boulder, NV and you can get directions right from the website. They rent the spaces on a month to month lease so if you have to make another move quickly, it won’t be detrimental to your pocket book. If you’ve paid for an entire year and have gotten the 13th month free and have to move, you’ll be refunded the amount you haven’t used for the lease minus any types of discounts you may have received.

The FAQs will also explain many details about Self Storage in Henderson, NV. If you need packing supplies including boxes and other storage items, you can purchase them from the company. Your items are going to be safe and secure and no one, other than you, will be able to gain access to your personal belongings, unless you authorize friends and family members to do so. There is a non-refundable administrative fee at the time you sign the contract, plus, you’ll need one month’s rent for your storage unit.

Your unit must be locked at all times using your own lock. Daily checks of units are made ensuring they’re secure. You can pay for your storage unit with a check, cash or have it automatically deducted using a major credit card. You can store just about anything in your unit except food that will draw rodents chemicals or unlawful items. You can not use your storage unit for a work shop.

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