Stop Those Leaks With Quality Roofing Repairs in Franklin

There are many things that can go wrong with the roof and some of them depend on the type of roof in question. For example, many commercial roofs use the BUR (built-up roofing) system. Bur is an economical method of roofing, but it has a few drawbacks. One of these is the fact that BUR can be damaged when people walk on the roof or move heavy items over it. This is common on commercial structures because the condensing system used in comfort systems is often placed there. In fact, damage from repair people can be one of the main reasons for commercial roofing repairs in Franklin.

Household roofs are usually very reliable coverings, provided the roofing material is more durable than certain budget grade products such as low-end asphalt shingles. Some excellent roofing options include composition shingles, laminated shingles, fiber-cement tiles and steel. Steel roofing comes in several types such as the standing seam panels found on some commercial buildings, but residential structures often use a product known as formed or stamped steel. Stamped steel comes as lightweight sheets and has a variety of styles and colors. This product can resemble numerous roofing options including clay tiles, cedar shake, and the typical, shingle products found in most homes. In fact, formed steel is the perfect solution for some roofing repairs in Franklin because it can be installed over an existing shingled roof. However, the roof should be structurally sound so it can bear the additional weight of the steel.

Some roof failures are due to storm damage. High winds can rip away older roofing, and heavy rains can be driven underneath it. Another area where rain can result in roof damage is around important details such as vents and flashing. Vents are used to prevent the accumulation of heat in attics while flashing is required to protect roofs and walls with odd angles and adjoining connections. These items are sealed with asphalt or caulking so that rain cannot leak onto the decking. This is necessary because roof decking is an engineered material that doesn’t handle water very well. Lumber such as OSB (oriented strand board) comes apart once it gets saturated because of the fibers of the wood swell and destroy any bonds with the resin that bind them together. Get more information about roof repairs from the experts at website

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