Steps That Are Taken For A Residential Rodent Removal In Columbia MD

If mouse droppings are discovered inside of cabinets, efforts need to be made to determine how mice are entering a residence. Structural damage or plumbing issues can provide mice with entry to a residence. Food can become contaminated if mice are not eliminated from a home. It can also be difficult to sell a residence if a rodent infestation is an issue.

Request An Inspection

A pest control company offers free inspections. During an inspection, a home’s structure and the land that surrounds it will be assessed. If there are holes or cracks in a structure or if a home’s plumbing is damaged, an exterminator will relay the findings to a homeowner so that problematic areas can be repaired.

During an inspection, an exterminator will try to locate the nesting spot where mice are hiding. After the inspection, treatment methods will be discussed. Traps can be placed inside of a home and liquid products that deter mice will be administered around a home and inside of cabinets, drawers and additional spaces where mice tend to hide. Exterminators who provide services for a rodent removal in Columbia MD should be hired to inspect and treat a residence each year to prevent other infestations.

Learn About The Trapping And Determent Steps

If a homeowner does not want to harm any of the rodents and is concerned about the trapping methods that are used, they can request that humane traps are set up inside of their home. A humane trap is an enclosure that will permit a mouse to enter the premises, but will prevent a rodent from exiting.

Mice are not killed with this type of trap. They are simply contained and can be released outdoors. Liquid products do not emit an unpleasant scent and will not cause harm to anyone who resides in a home. A liquid barrier that is administered outdoors will deter mice and other rodents.

This type of product can be also be used indoors. Before a kitchen is treated, the contents inside of cabinets or drawers should be removed and placed in another room in a home. Treatment procedures can be completed while the residents of a home are present.

After a treatment, it may take several days before mice are trapped. Contact us for detailed information about a Rodent Removal in Columbia MD and information about eliminating other types of pests.

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