State-of-the Art Drain Cleaning in Perry Hall

It wasn’t that long ago that if you had a drain line at your home that become clogged, the only acceptable solution was to dig it up and replace it, leaving long trenches through your yard, your garden, possibly even your driveway or sidewalks. It didn’t matter what the cause of the clog was; it may have been tree roots, grease, sediment, or sand, but the solution was always the same. Thank goodness times have changed and technology has come to the world of plumbing. Now, a highly-trained plumber who knows Drain Cleaning in Perry Hall can use remote video cameras to locate the exact location of a clog and determine its cause and severity as well as the overall condition of the pipes themselves, before determining how best to attack the clog. With the assistance of technology, the chances are that the remedy not will require any destruction of your property.

One of the most basic pieces of equipment used on clogs is rooting gear. This is a fairly simple piece of electrically-powered equipment which has a variety of blades which can be attached to a rotating headpiece. As it progresses down the drain pipe, it cuts through any protruding roots or other obstacles, clearing out the cause of the clog as it goes. If these types of clogs continue to be an issue, an expert in Drain Cleaning in Perry Hall may use this technique regularly as a form of drain maintenance, and it can be effective on residential drains as well as commercial ones.

Other techniques for dealing with clogged drains require the use of hyrdo-jetting equipment which basically sends a blast of high-pressure water down a pipe to literally blast the clog out of the way. Great care needs to be taken during this operation and it should only be done by a specially-trained professional to avoid breakage or separation of the pipe.

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