Starting A Product’s Liability Case With Accident Lawyers In Lancaster

In Pennsylvania, under federal laws all consumers can expect products they buy to be safe. If these products aren’t safe, there is a higher probability of a personal injury. Consumers who become injured while using these products have a viable claim against the manufacturer. Accident Lawyers in Lancaster help the victims proceed through a product’s liability case.

The Actions of the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has the right to launch investigations when a report is filled. The consumer must submit the report to the agency immediately following their injuries. This gives the agency the right demand product designs for the item identified. The agency determines if the product is unsafe for consumer use. Next, they will launch a product recall to remove the product from consumer access.

The Circumstances of a Product Recall

The product recall defines what remedy is needed when consumers have become injured. This could include a complete refund for the product or repairs to managing the hazard. Any consumers who have sustained injuries may acquire a settlement through the recall. However, if this isn’t possible, they must file a formal lawsuit for their injuries. Under Pennsylvania law, the consumer has three years to file the lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out.

Identifying Additional Litigants

The launch of the product recall may discover additional consumers who were injured. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency may work with a local law firm to manage claims for these litigants. In most cases, the attorney places the victims into groups and files a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

The class-action lawsuit may provide the victims with access to higher settlement offers. However, the consumers with the most severe injuries are managed first. This doesn’t guarantee a settlement for all litigants. However, it gives them a chance to present their case to the court.

In Pennsylvania, federal and state laws protect consumers from unethical manufacturers. Under these laws, manufacturers must test their products to identify any risks. They must correct these risks before releasing the product to consumers. Victims of a product’s liability should hire Accident Lawyers in Lancaster by contacting Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP today.

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