Stainless Steel Tubing: Because Your Place Deserves Better

Stainless steel tube fittings are for people who know better than to cut corners when outfitting a kitchen, a factory, or a bar. You can get by with PVC, and copper’s fine, but if you want durability, if you want your pipes to look the way they do now for another fifty years, stainless steel tube fittings are the way to go when installing new fixtures. Here’s why:

One of the Lowest General Corrosion Rates

In fact, no corrosion allowance is expected when planning a building or remodeling project with stainless steel tubing.

Excellent Resistance to Potable Waters

This includes the chloride levels, which can damage other materials in little time but can take about fifty years to put a mark in stainless steel tube fittings.

No Maintenance Required After Proper Installation

Barring an emergency or installation of a new fixture, you’re essentially looking at zero downtime with steel tubing. This makes it a great choice for any business that works in high volume.


Stainless steel tubing is the most visually appealing option for plumbing in most settings. Although most of your tubing will be hidden behind the drywall and under the floorboards, having the option to leave them exposed without ruining the decor opens up a lot of options for visual presentation. If you run a bar or restaurant, this can lend a certain charm to a homey environment, or a sleek appearance when combined with a more modern style of decor.

Easy to Recycle

Stainless steel tubing is generally expected to last about fifty years from the date of installation, at which point it is one of the most easily recycled materials there is. The pipes can simply be melted down, the additional materials like nickel separated, and new tubing and other products can be produced.

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