Spinal Implant Manufacturers: Supplying A Growing Medical Need

We all rely on the ability of our spine to keep us upright. We need it to walk straight or even to walk at all. When an accident occurs or if disease, a tumor or old age affects our spines, we face a decision. Do we consider letting nature take its course or should we consider a spinal implant. Manufacturers in this field are there to provide support to doctors and hospitals seeking to design and produce or simply modify the right instruments. They are there to support them in their attempts to help keep Americans healthy.

Spinal Implants

Spinal implants are not a rarity these days. They are very common. Estimates find that while the fusion market is slowing down somewhat, the non-fusion market for components is steadily growing – expecting to triple by the year 2020. While such things as degenerative spinal conditions and trauma may result in damage to our spines, more spinal implants occur because of the desire of aging Americans to remain active. This, together with the rise in American obesity rates has resulted in spinal implant operations increasing in number. They are now more common even than hip replacements.

With the rise in demand for such procedures as spinal fusion – today one of the most common types of spinal implant procedures – has come an increase in the offerings of spinal implant devices. Matching this is an increase in medical device companies and contract spinal implant manufacturers.
Approximately 200 companies are producing spine implant and other products. All sectors of the production and supply division are highly competitive in their approach as companies stand to make a substantial amount from a single device. To keep pace with the industry, they have to be prepared to handle diverse products as well as innovative ones using the latest technology to provide the desired items – whether a single prototype or a sort run of an existing item.

Spinal Implant Manufacturers

In the medical industry, manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals and doctors all have a designated role. One of the closest is that between the medical industry and the contract manufacturers. With the production of spinal implants, a close relationship must develop between the individual who is developing the device and the spinal implant manufacturers. By working together, they can help create, develop and produce implants and other equipment to improve the health of those adversely affected by spinal trauma or disease.