Special Care Keeps Oriental Rugs from Looking Worn

Homes with an oriental rug should consider special care processes for the keeping the rug clean and fresh. Oriental rugs are hand woven and dyed using meticulous processes, and that’s the reason that many homeowners consider the purchase of one of these rugs as an investment in their home. There are certain considerations to take when you own an oriental rug, and it’s also important to use a company that specializes in cleaning oriental rugs in The Woodlands, TX. area when your carpet does require cleaning.

Use Preventative Measures Indoors

The best way to keep a rug clean is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. With the demands of daily life, it’s virtually impossible to keep a rug clean unless you restrict anyone from getting near it. However, there are some measures you can take to keep your rug looking and feeling clean longer. In most countries where woven rugs are the norm in households, people are required to take off their shoes before entering a home. This keeps dirt and dust from being tracked into the home and getting stuck in the carpets. If your oriental rug exists in a place with heavy foot traffic, you should enact a rule that requires people do not wear shoes when walking or standing on the rug.

Another good rule is to avoid letting people eat or drink while on the rug. Because oriental rugs require a specialized cleaning process, you don’t want to get sticky juice or foods stuck into the fibers of the carpet. Although professionals use different techniques to clean oriental rugs in The Woodlands, TX. area, the amount of sticky stuff on the rug can affect the look of the dyes in the carpet.

Do Not Use Regular Cleaners

If something does get onto your carpet, do not take a rag and porous cleaner to the carpet. This will affect the look and the feel of the carpet, damaging the fibers and the dyes. If the spot it small, it’s best to use a smooth rag and water to spot clean the area. It’s not necessary to hire a professional cleaner for every little spot, but it’s a good idea to plan a yearly cleaning for your oriental rugs. The Woodlands, TX area has companies that specialize in cleaning oriental rugs, so always check the carpet cleaning company you hire understands the specialized process of working with oriental carpets before you hire anyone to deep clean the carpet.

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