Southern CA Has “High” Couture: High Quality Hemp Products

Back in the early ’90’s, people thought it rebellious to flaunt products made of hemp. After all, hemp was the non-THC version of marijuana and it was barely legal to own such goods in most states. California led the way in changing the face of the hemp and marijuana markets respectively. Now it is possible to get a number of “high” quality products with which to accessorize your wardrobe. These designer cannabis accessories are “high”ly sought after for what they represent, and how cool they really are.

Smell-Proof Backpacks

Nobody who smokes weed for recreation or medicinal use wants an airport drug dog sniffing out their personal stash. It can be difficult to disguise it and prevent sniffing by dogs unless you have a smell-proof backpack. These backpacks smell like a lot of different and common things that excite or repel dogs, which makes them the ideal travel designer cannabis accessories for carrying personal items. The designs are attractive too, like the PB&J backpack that looks like it’s dripping PB&J. Some of the other designs are classic, non-descript, do-not-draw-attention to oneself sorts of backpacks.


These socks are not only very comfortable, but they are also made of weed. They can deliver a small dose of anti-inflammation and pain relief to feet and lower legs when you wear them. They are very subdued in appearance, looking just like classic men’s gray or black dress socks. Get enough pairs to wear all week and see what an invaluable accessory these really are.