Some Options in Pet Grooming in Queens, NY

Pet grooming in Queens, NY has really expanded in recent years; a lucky thing for the many pet parents that have breeds requiring regular maintenance. If you need to have your pet shampooed, trimmed, or any other service to keep him or her looking healthy and feeling great, a local pet grooming facility within your veterinary clinic is the ideal answer. When you select your veterinarian, ask if they provide extra services like pet grooming and boarding in Queens NY. A truly full service veterinary care facility makes it considerably easier for both the pet and the pet owner! Keep reading to find out more about some of the pet grooming services that you are likely to find in your local full service vet facility.

Pet haircuts are a leading service offered by pet grooming facilities in the Queens area. Breeds like the Standard Poodle, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzus, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Bichon Frise, Afghan Hound, Saluki, and many others require regular haircuts in order to move and see properly. Even shorter haired breeds still need to be trimmed in certain areas to prevent hair overgrowth, for example many dogs can get overly long “feathering” on their legs. When a pet has overly long fur it not only looks unsightly, but it feels uncomfortable for the animal. Your pet’s fur could become tangled, wet, muddy, and smelly in short order if it is not kept properly groomed, but your pet groomer can shampoo the pet and then give him or her a haircut that can make them look like a whole new animal.

Shampoos are another leading service that your facility for Pet grooming in Queens, NY will offer. A shampoo will include a gentle shampoo specially formulated for pets, a conditioning treatment if desired, a gentle comb out, and drying the pet’s fur. Your pet’s fur can then be styled into the breed standard look, or into a special look that you ask for.

Some of the other services that may be a regular part of grooming include toenail clipping or toenail grinding with a special grinding tool for dog nails, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and the expression of the pet’s anal glands if needed. If you want some special extra touches like bandanas, bows, or a pet perfume this is also something that the pet groomers at your veterinarian can provide for you!

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