Some Benefits of Massage Therapy in San Diego

When you are considering massage therapy in San Diego or Mira Mesa, you may initially wonder if it is really the right choice for you. You may have been referred to a massage therapist by your doctor, or by another health care provider because you need a natural solution for pain or other problems. Massage is a truly unique type of therapy because it is completely natural but yet it is a highly effective way to combat any number of difficult health and well being issues.

Massage can be very beneficial for people suffering from headaches, back pain, stiff neck, or impeded movement levels. In many cases, massage is a leading therapy choice for people who have been in car accidents. When you are in a car accident or when you have another traumatic type of accident like a sports injury, you will often end up with a lot of pain because of inflammation and stiffness. Massage is excellent at reducing the inflammation, which is a leading cause of pain post accident. Additionally, the experienced massage therapist can also gently break apart the internal scarring that is causing stiffness or reduced movement. This scarring, also known as “adhesions,” can cause a lot of pain and is not a natural part of your body but rather is your body’s immediate response to injury. Fortunately, massage can help reduce those adhesions and the pain that goes with them.

Some patients find that massage therapy in San Diego is a great way to increase their whole body feeling of wellness. Massage has been praised for many years as an excellent way to reduce tension and stress, and it is only natural that when tension and stress are reduced the whole body feels better. This can certainly have a positive impact on nearly every area of a person’s life!

There are several different types of massage therapy that you might consider. Swedish massage is one of the most popular. It is an energizing massage that can impart a sense of wellness and relaxation. Deeper massage types, like deep tissue massage, are better suited for injuries resulting from car accidents, for example. This massage type can help reduce adhesions, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation. Other options may include sports massage and trigger point massage. Your therapist will help choose the ideal option for your situation.

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