Solvent Recovery System that Offers Economic, Efficient, and Purity Benefits

When it comes to boiler repair needs and other systems like washing systems, mixing systems, and biomass processing systems, CB Mills, or Chicago Boiler, has been satisfying customers for years. They started their company in 1891 repairing boilers and focusing on the quality service they believed in. With a desire to constantly improve, they eventually began designing and building solvent recycling machines that were safe for the environment. Their custom tanks like the ASME pressure vessels, mixing tanks, open-top mixing tanks, and storage tanks are made with custom steel fabrications that go hand-in-hand with the engineered solutions providing system continuity that significantly improves the customer’s position.

Servicing leading companies in industries like ink, paint, agrochemical, electronics, and mineral processing, media grinding mills have been provided with the highest quality. CB Mills has a selection of grinding mills such as vertical grinding mills, small-batch laboratory grinding mills, the RH, or Red Head, lab mills, and the RH series horizontal mill.

While grinding mills and custom tanks are incredible products serviced and provided by CB Mills, solvent recovery systems are another way CB Mills takes the lead in business. With their RH solvent recovery system, they are able to meet the economic, efficiency, and purity needs of high-volume customers while maintaining low-volume solvent recovery systems. With low volume solvent recovery systems, the low to medium volume customers are the focus. The micro-series solvent recovery sill also offers economic, efficient, and purity benefits. It helps with the reduction in the cost of disposal and new solvent while allowing the customer to control the quality of their reclaimed solvent. To learn more about what CB Mills can provide about low volume solvent recovery systems, visit them today.

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