Solutions Offered by Residential Foundation Repairs Services in Honolulu, HI

A home’s foundation is it’s backbone, so when it is in a state of disrepair it can place the entire house in danger. The reasons for foundation failure are extremely diverse, which is why it’s important to find Residential Foundation Repairs Services In Honolulu HI that are able to tailor solutions specifically to the soil conditions and project specifications. Read on to find out about some of the services offered by foundation repair specialists in the area.

Small Diameter Drilled System

This type of foundation repair system involves drilling a small hole deep into the soil supporting a foundation, then inserting high-strength support beams and high-strength grout into the hole. It is appropriate for a wide range of conditions in Hawaii, including providing temporary or permanent structural underpinning, supporting heavy loads, providing excavation support in congested or confined spaces, and mitigating foundation settlement.

Driven Pile Systems

Driven steel piles, sometimes also referred to as push piles or resistance piles, can be used to underpin the foundations of existing structures. By pushing these piles into the surrounding soil using hydraulic cylinders and the weight of the structure, maximum resistance can be created using reaction force. This technology was specifically designed for remedial foundation repairs, as the structure being repaired must have enough weight to allow sufficient force to be applied in order to reach a load-supporting stratum.

Helical Systems

Helical piers, also sometimes known as anchors, piles, and screwpiles, can be used to both secure new foundations or repair existing ones. They are commonly used in circumstances where soil conditions prevent more common solutions. Because they are threaded directly into the ground, they don’t require a large amount of excavation and result in minimal soil disturbance.

Uretrek Deep Injection Polymer Grout

The Uretrek Deep Injection, or UDI, process is a technique used to stabilize poorly compacted foundation soils through the injection of a high-density polymer into the soil. Use of this system results in compacted soils and leveled structures, making it a perfect tool for foundation repairs.

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