Solar Screens In Katy, TX Will Reduce Heat And Glare In A Home, Business Or Patio

One of the most economical ways to reduce the glare or heat that enters a home or patio area is by using solar screens in Katy TX. A solar panel can be any style or color and is easy to install or remove. For owners that want the screens to be permanent, an experienced installation technician can install them with screws. During the cooler months, homeowners can easily remove the screens to increase the temperature in the home and reduce their energy costs. During the hot Texas summer, solar screens are an ideal option for a home.


Solar screens can block up to 90% of the sun’s rays and reduce energy consumption. They can be custom made so they fit perfectly. Heat in a home can be reduced up to 30% and solar screens can be made on-site.


In addition to reducing glare and heat, Solar Screens in Katy TX can provide daytime privacy while still allowing an owner to see outside. The color of the screen will determine the privacy level they offer.

Types Of Screens

Some solar screens can be within a frame and others are frame-less. Screens can be placed on the inside or the outside of a window, and certain screens are designed to roll up like a blind.

Benefit Of An Inside Screen

The benefit of an inside screen is an owner never has to worry about debris tearing the screen, and the screens won’t need to be removed during bad weather. The chance of a screen being damaged when it’s on the inside of a building is dramatically reduced.

Are There Only Certain Sizes Of Solar Screens?

Solar screens can be customized to fit any window or patio space. Screen meshing can be used for installation in a media room and will provide the darkness that is needed.

If you’re tired of your home or patio being too hot to enjoy, solar screens are a great solution to the problem. These lightweight screens can be moved by one person and are easily installed or removed. For more information about solar screening, please contact Business Name today.

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