Social Security Disability Attorneys in Missouri Help Clients With a Range of Health Problems

Social Security Disability Attorneys in Missouri help people file initial applications and appeal denials. Denials of applications for federal disability payments are very common, so it can be worthwhile to hire a lawyer before making the first attempt. Once an application is denied, a year or more may go by before an appeal is reviewed and approved.

Inadequate Information

One reason an application is denied is that the person does not supply adequate confirmation from doctors he or she is unable to earn a living. As unlikely as it may seem, some individuals try to file for disability without even including documentation from a doctor. The applicant should have been diagnosed with a condition that causes the disability and, generally, should also be undergoing treatment. In some cases, ongoing treatment would not be helpful, and the doctor should note that in the record.

Inability to Change Jobs

Another reason for claim denials is the agency representatives believing the applicant could switch to another type of full-time work. This can be very frustrating for someone who knows how problematic his or her disorder is.

For instance, someone with debilitating back pain may not be able to spend any length of time sitting or standing, frequently needing to take breaks from either one. In addition, unpredictable back spasms can leave the person with no choice other than to lie down with an ice pack. Lawyers with an organization such as Grundy Disability Group LLC can help to define and explain the issues.

Mental Illnesses and Disorders

Both physical and mental conditions may qualify a person for this kind of disability payment. Social Security Disability Attorneys in Missouri may assist with applications for people dealing with debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder, for example. Information on one particular organization can be seen at

In many instances, a disabling mental problem is connected with a physical disease or injury. Someone who experienced a traumatic brain injury may have significant issues with short-term memory. Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease is a physical condition that causes serious cognitive and memory problems. Schizophrenia, a serious mental illness, can be extremely difficult to treat effectively. All of these issues may make it impossible for people to continue working full-time.

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