Signs You Need To See An Auto Accident Doctor

If addressed early enough, many serious health issues caused by vehicle collisions can be treated and possibly even cured. Here are three post-accident symptoms that warrant medical immediate treatment.


Headaches usually arise as psychological responses to trauma and will often go away in a short amount of time without treatment; however, there are some cases in which you will need to see an auto accident doctor in Ocala to get your pain assessed. You should seek treatment if your head pain continues or gets progressively worse after a couple of days or if you hit your head during the collision.

Abdominal Discomfort

Any level of abdominal pain or localized bruising following an accident is considered to be a medical emergency. Abdominal pain could manifest as a result of internal bleeding, which can be deadly in some instances.

Shoulder And Neck Pain

The unfortunate combination of neck and shoulder pain could indicate that you are suffering from whiplash. Along with extreme fatigue, stiffness, and dizziness, whiplash can cause pain to extend to the head, jaw region, and back area. If an auto accident doctor in Ocala determines that whiplash is not the cause of your suffering, you may have developed some sort of spinal injury.

While delayed symptoms can appear in as little as a couple of hours, you may not notice that you have been affected until weeks later. For this reason, it is wise to document your health for at least two months following the accident so that you will remain aware of any unnatural changes.

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