Signs You Need to Call Your AC Repair Specialist

ACs don’t die on you out of the blue. There’s usually plenty of signs along the way before the  breakdown happens. You either ignored them, didn’t care or couldn’t tell those were tell-tale signs of trouble. So here’s a checklist of signs you should look out for the next time your AC starts acting up again:

Water leaks by your AC

This tells you that your drain lines could be clogged or disconnected. If you don’t check what’s wrong with the system, you could end up with leaks all around your AC unit.

Your AC cycles on and off repeatedly

There might something wrong with your thermostat, House Logic says. If that’s not the case and your thermostat’s all clear, then check your condenser, evaporator unit as well as fan for dirt and have it cleaned.

Your AC isn’t cool at all

There are plenty of reasons for this. You might need to get an air filter replacement or have the area near your condenser clear of any plants or debris. Regular exposure to sunlight can also affect the condenser. Help it cool down by providing the unit with a shade. You can also check the refrigerant line to ensure the insulation isn’t worn out. Don’t know how? Ask an AC repair specialist in Jacksonville to help you out.

There’s little air coming through

Poor airflow could mean that your unit’s compressor might be in trouble. However, if your AC system manages to cool a few portions of your home while others stay hot or humid, then you might want to look into your duct work for problems.

There are plenty of reasons why your AC unit doesn’t work. If you don’t have the DIY experience to pull off these tips, then call in a professional to handle any repairs or replacements for you.

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