Signs You Need Emergency Pest Control in Mandurah

Living in warm environments is full of many different benefits. Florida has incredible weather almost year round, however, there are some pretty significant drawbacks. Since winters are so mild in Florida, pests tend to be plentiful all year since temperatures never drop low enough to reduce their numbers. Because of that, there are a lot of pests in the South. That’s why emergency pest control in Mandurah is so critical. You have to be sure that you can call an expert exterminator at short notice when you become aware of a problem. Termites are especially bad, but there are some signs that you can look for before things get too serious. If you catch the problem early, you can avoid an emergency.

Termite Swarms

A termite swarm is a very sure sign that you are at risk for a termite infestation. These are the massive clouds of termites that gather around lights during the late spring. They are incredibly invasive and tend to set up shop somewhere near the swarm. Many of them will fly off to another location, but others will remain in the trees and wooden houses nearby. After a termite swarm, you should call a professional to inspect your home for termites.

Dirt Tubes

If you start noticing irregularly shaped holes in your walls, you need to call an emergency pest control specialist. Termites tunnel in your walls and they use mud to seal off their tubes, so you can usually notice crumbles of dust appearing.


Termites have very thin wings that easily fall off. If you start noticing a bunch of translucent wings, you need to call for emergency pest control, because that means you have enough termites that their wings have become noticeable. If you only notice one or two, then you should still call an exterminator to nip the problem in the bud. Visit Flick Pest Control to know more.

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