Signs You Need Dental Treatment in Hattiesburg MS

There are many warning signs your body will exhibit when there are problems. It is no different with the health of your smile. If there are problems with your teeth and gums, you need Dental Treatment in Hattiesburg MS. It is important you receive care as soon as possible so your condition does not worsen or cause damage. This is why it is crucial you know the warning signs to look for so you will know when to schedule an appointment.

* Anytime you are in pain, this is generally a warning something is wrong. Though it can be common to have some degree of tooth pain with no health concerns, ongoing tooth pain should never be ignored. Tooth pain can be a sign of infection or decay. It could also mean your tooth is injured. It is always best to seek treatment from your dentist so the problem can be found and treated.

* Ongoing foul breath is something most people think little of. They may increase their tooth brushing or use mints or gum. Unfortunately, foul breath could mean you have an infection or decay in your tooth. It could also mean you have a gum infection. If your breath does not respond to brushing, ask your dentist to find the cause.

* Gum irritation occurs for everyone at some point. If your irritation continues or you experience redness, swelling, bleeding or pus drainage, your gums need to be checked. Gum disease is a serious condition that can cause you to lose your teeth. If you have these symptoms, you could have gingivitis or periodontal disease. Your dentist can examine your gums and treat your condition.

* If you have a sore in your mouth that does not heal, you need to be examined. Oral cancer is common, especially in those who use tobacco products. It is always best to be checked to make sure your sore is not cancerous.

If you are in need of Dental Treatment in Hattiesburg MS, contact the office of Brian A Pitfield DDS MS of Hattiesburg MS. He will be glad to examine your teeth and gums so any oral health concerns can be found and properly treated.

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