Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repair, Get the Repairs Made in Brighton Park

The brakes on your car are far from being the sexiest part of the car, but they are certainly crucial. A car with well-maintained brakes will take close to the length of a football field to stop from 60 mph. If you feel your brakes are taking longer to stop your car than usual, brake repair is necessary. There are sure warning signs that any vehicle owner in Brighton Park should be aware of.

Strange Sounds

Modern cars have a wear indicator built into the brake pads. When it is time for brake service, this indicator lets out a high-pitch squeal. The noise is loud enough that it can be heard even when the car windows are closed, and the radio is playing.

The sensor is a true indicator; however, you should also listen for a grinding sound. When you hear this, the friction material has completely worn off the pads; the noise you hear is metal against metal. Brake pad replacement in Brighton Park is far less costly than having to resurface or replace a damaged rotor.

Pulling to One Side or the Other

If, when you apply the brakes, your car veers one way or the other, this is an indication of a problem with the braking system. Usually the problem is a stuck caliper; however, it can also be an indication of a damaged brake hose or uneven wear on the pads. Although it may be a brake problem, a good mechanic will also check alignment, uneven tire inflation, or suspension problems.


Pulsation in the brake pedal is expected when executing an emergency stop. If you sense this under normal braking, you may need brake repair. Unwarranted vibration often is an indication of rotor wear or warping. The uneven surfaces of the rotor pulse against pads. You will feel this when you depress the brake pedal.

If you have reason to believe your car needs brake repair near Brighton Park, take it to VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

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