Signs That Its Time for Swimming Pool Repair

The sooner that you recognize the signs that your swimming pool is having problems are recognized, the better off you will be. Problems come in many different forms. They can be chemical, mechanical, or result from severe weather conditions. Finding a quality Swimming Pool Repair Nassau County NY company to help you fix the both the small and big issues will help you keep your pool functioning at its best for many years. When problems continue unchecked, swimming pool owners risk causing more damage, and the cost of keeping your pool can become a major investment. Watch for these signs and call for help as soon as possible to extend the life of your pool.

Water and Chemical Problems

Keep a sharp eye out for discolorations in the water. If you notice a green buildup, chances are that you have excess algae build up and may need to add additional chlorine to shock your pool. If blue, gree, brown, or black spots appear on the bottom of your pool liner and they cannot be brushed up, they may be underneath the liner. The solution is to drain the pool, lift the liner, and clean underneath before refilling. When critters start showing up for a swim on a regular basis, there is likely too much organic matter within the water and the pool water should be chemically treated. If the problem persists, click here to consultation with a pool maintenance technician is in order.

Mechanical Problems

Keep a sharp eye on the water levels. In warm weather, it is not uncommon to see levels drop by one-half each each day. However, when an inch of water or more a day is disappearing, the likelihood that there is a leak rises. A Swimming Pool Repair Nassau County NY company will be able to locate the leak and effect a solid repair. When the pool water looks hazy, and the addition of chemicals doesn’t make much of a difference, the possibility that the water pump is not properly cleaning and filtering the water has to be considered. In most cases, replacing or cleaning the filter will take care of the problem. After a severe storm, a great deal of organic matter may rush into the pool.

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