Signs That A Roof Installation in St. Charles MO Is Needed

When a home has an asphalt shingled rooftop, taking steps to maintain it so it lasts a good number of years is necessary. There are some telltale signs that the need for a new roof installation in St. Charles MO is best. Here are some indications that necessitate an evaluation by a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Check For Cracks And Curling

Shingles that are not completely flat upon a rooftop’s surface are in need of replacement. Hire a contractor to remove curled or cracked shingles from the roof. New ones will be positioned in place to protect the home adequately from moisture damage. If shingles are cracked from excessively dry conditions or direct sunlight, again, replacement is best. Moisture will make its way into broken portions of cracked shingles, leading to possible leaking inside of the home.

Neighboring Homes Are Getting New Rooftops

Often, homes in a community are built in the same time era. If the home is not a new structure, watching what the neighbors do with their own roofs is helpful in determining when a new roof installation is needed. When several families appear to get new shingles placed on their homes, it is time to give a roofing contractor a call to do an assessment of the condition of a roof as it too may be in need of repair or replacement.

Moss Or Algae Is Present

When a rooftop sports discoloration from moss, mildew, or mold, the chance of moisture accumulating around and under shingles is high. When markings are noticed, make a call to a roofing specialist. They will take a closer look at shingles to determine if saturation caused these markings and whether the roof is in danger of leaking incidents in the near future.

When there is a need for a roof installation in St. Charles MO, finding a service with many years of experience is key. Contact us via our website or by phone to find out more about the many services we offer. Schedule an appointment to have a roof inspected by a professional to determine whether new shingles are needed.

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