Signs That a Home is Infested with Bed Bugs in Jackson, NJ

Bed bug infestations have become more frequent in recent decades, which is bad news for homeowners, as the bugs can be extremely difficult to eradicate. The first step to getting rid of Bed Bugs in Jackson NJ is, of course, to recognize the signs of an infestation. Read on to find out about a few of the most common early warning signs that a room, or an entire home, is being infested by bed bugs to tell when it’s time to take action.

Look for Stains

When bed bugs are crushed, they produce rust-colored stains on bed sheets and mattresses. It’s also possible to recognize an infestation by keeping an eye out for bed bug detritus, which appears as small dark spots on fabrics. These dark spots often bleed in a similar way to how a spot made with a marker would.

Look for Eggshells and Skins

Bed bugs leave behind eggs and eggshells, which are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye, as they are only around 1mm in diameter. It is sometimes easier to see the yellow skins shed by bed bug nymphs as they begin to grow or to keep an eye out for live bed bugs that tend to congregate in the cracks along the edges of mattresses and other dark places during daylight hours. Be sure to check the seams of chairs and couches as well as beds, to look for bed bugs at the junctions of walls and ceilings, and to check beneath any loose wallpaper or wall hangings.

Recognizing Bites

Bed Bugs in Jackson NJ inject an anticoagulant agent into their victims’ skin along with their saliva. This anticoagulant affects how those who have been bitten will respond to the bite since different people have different sensitivities to it. Nearly all bites produce itchy, swollen red welts, though these symptoms may not become obvious for several days.

Get Help Immediately

The best thing for those who believe they may have a bed bug infestation to do is to call an exterminator for professional help, as these pests are extremely difficult to eradicate using over-the-counter products. Check out Freehold Pest Control online or call today to schedule an appointment.

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