Signs it’s Time to Look Into Hydraulic Repair in Chicago

Hydraulic systems have a wide range of applications, although most modern Americans associate them primarily with industrial settings. These systems are designed to be both effective and efficient, but that doesn’t make them invincible. Read on to find out about a few of the most common signs it’s time to look into Hydraulic Repair in Chicago before minor problems become major disasters.

Abnormal Noises

Equipment operators might notice strange noises coming from hydraulic equipment for one of two reasons: aeration or cavitation. Cavitation happens when a hydraulic system doesn’t have enough fluid, leading to the formation of gas bubbles in its lines. Aeration occurs when the hydraulic fluid comes into contact with air. Aeration speeds up the degradation of the fluid via contamination and can wind up, causing serious damage.

Either way, equipment operators should shut down their machinery any time they hear any unusual noises. If cavitation is to blame, the fluid flow must be slowed down. If aeration is causing the sounds, the leak needs to be identified and stopped.

Decreased Speed

In the absence of unusual sounds, decreased operational speed is often the first sign of impending trouble that equipment operators notice. Most decreases in speed are caused by leaks, which slow down the flow of fluid through the system. Since the flow controls the system’s speed and response, this leads to noticeable decreases in operational efficiency.

High Fluid Temperatures

High fluid temperatures can be both a symptom of existing damage and a contributing factor to ongoing equipment degradation. If the fluid reaches a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit or 82 degrees Celsius or higher, it can damage seals and speed up fluid degradation.

There are a variety of underlying problems that could be to blame. Whether the fluid is heating up because of increased heat load or failing to cool down because of decreased heat dissipation, it’s time to look into Hydraulic Repair in Chicago before it causes more damage.

Get Help Now

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