Signs It’s Time To Call An Electric Service in Zionsville

Based on when a home was built, the electrical wiring running through it may be out of date. In situations where electrical currents are too weak to accommodate the electronics that are plugged in along with appliances and light fixtures, this could cause a fire. To stay safe and determine if it might be time to consider having an electric service Zionsville replace the electrical wiring, consider these things.

Tripping Breakers

Whenever the electrical system isn’t able to deliver the power to keep things that require electricity up and going, the circuit breaker will simply shut off. This is so that the circuit will not overheat and catch on fire. When homeowners start to notice frequent circuit breakers tripping, this is a good indication that the wiring needs to be replaced. There are times when this is necessary to protect the safety, convenience, and value of the home.

Frayed Wires

When electrical wires overheat, they can crack or bend. Also, since most of the electrical system is hidden behind walls, it is common for wires to get pinched or pierced when nails are hammered into the surface, or when screws are drilled in the wall. These wires that are frayed will expose the live electrical current. It is best to have them replaced by a licensed electric service Zionsville.

Smoking Outlets

While smoke at a residence can come from various things, keep in mind that faulty electrical wiring could be the culprit. If there is smoke coming from outlets, call an electrician as soon as possible to get things checked out. In the meantime, it is a good idea to turn off the circuit breaker to allow the system a chance to cool down.


If the home doesn’t have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the kitchen, baths and other areas that are exposed to moisture, this is an indication that the wiring was done back before that was required by code. This is another reason to consider upgrading, even if the others issues aren’t present at the time.

Handling any electrical work, regardless of how small or minor the project is should be left to the experienced team at Burtner Electric. They are a locally owned and family operated business serving Greater Indianapolis and surrounding counties. 24-hour emergency service is available as well.

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