Signs It Is Time to Replace A Nitrogen Spray Gun

Nitrogen spray guns are used in a wide number of industries and applications. They are relatively simple in design and function much like any other type of spray gun.

However, they are also a component of any system that is often used frequently and in challenging environments. The spray guns may be dropped and used without proper maintenance, leading to performance issues as they get older. Additionally, they are constantly exposed to high humidity and moisture levels, and they also have exposure to nitrogen when they are in use.

Choosing a PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene spray gun is a simple way to extend the life of these components. This provides protection to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the gun, eliminating the risk of corrosion or reaction to any chemicals or environmental contaminants.

Signs of a need to replace the nitrogen spray guns used in any application are typically slow to develop and may be missed completely until they are significant. Routine cleaning of the nozzle is often all that is required to extend the life of the spray gun.

Irregular Spray Pattern

With material lodged in the nozzle component of the spray gun, irregular spray patterns will be common. This can include irregular spray to one side or the other, or spray that is not uniformly dispersed from the nozzle.

Adjustments of the nozzle or cleaning can provide a solution. However, if the nozzle has been damaged, it may need to be replaced.


If nitrogen spray guns are stepped on, repeatedly dropped on hard surfaces or otherwise damaged, either the gun or the hose can develop leaks. It is also possible for the connector to become loose or lead, which degrades the performance of the gun.

With many of these issues, particularly if the spray gun is older, replacing the entire gun is a better option than simply replacing a part. This allows the company to consider upgrading to a new design or style of spray gun offering the specific features required for the application.

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