Should You Purchase Original Manufacturer or Aftermarket Parts?

Whenever your vehicle is returned to the dealership, you know you will be receiving original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Conversely, when you move your vehicle to an independent repair center, they will almost certainly provide aftermarket parts. What is the difference and why you shouldn’t be worried about purchasing Harley Davidson aftermarket parts?

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

This is the name for any parts for your vehicle that are not obtained from the maker of the vehicle. Some individuals worry that you may be receiving an inferior part if you choose the aftermarket variety, because, almost certainly, they will cost far less than the same part from the dealer.
Providing you by aftermarket parts from a company that is renowned for their high quality, the purchase of Harley Davidson aftermarket parts will be equally as good as any OEM parts.

You will need to check with your dealer’s warranty, but you should find that your warranty will not become void when you have used aftermarket parts, when they are direct replacements.

The key to selecting aftermarket parts is to ensure that you use a great mechanic who can tell the difference between high quality and poorer versions that may exist.

What Are the Differences?

Harley Davidson aftermarket parts will cost less than OEM parts while the quality can be equal and sometimes bettered. There may also be more variety and better availability as the parts may be readily purchased from your mechanic, auto parts store or even your local gas station.

Some individuals prefer OEM parts because they are manufactured by the dealer and sometimes provides a greater sense of assurance that you have the highest quality product.

Should you wish to purchase OEM parts, you must travel to a dealer and they may not hold the parts in stock. Always consider aftermarket parts, but only deal with the highest quality models.

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