Should You Invest in an Automated Carton Sealing Machine?

Do you run a small manufacturing or order filling business that’s slowly growing? When you started out, it was easy to seal cartons manually with manual tape sealing tools or glue methods. However, when your production increases it takes more time to finish your boxes. If you invest in a carton sealing machine you’ll enjoy many benefits, and here are some you may want to consider.

1. Increase Your Output

Automatic sealers can greatly increase the number of cartons you seal in a day’s time. This is a good way to raise your production without expanding your facility or hiring more help.

2. Increase Efficiency

Would you like to increase production with fewer people on the payroll? Once you add an automatic carton sealing machine, you no longer have the need to pay people to seal up cartons. In fact, one machine can replace several workers because it can do more than one task.

3. Multi-functions

Did you know you can add an entire system that sets up the cartons, seals the bottoms, and then seals the tops? This not only speeds up your entire process, but it also does so with fewer people.

4. Full Automation

It’s possible to fully automate many processes today. For example, your products can move down a belt conveyor to an accumulation conveyor where they’re loaded into cartons and then sealed and labeled. You can even add palletizer and stretch wrapper equipment. Your materials can come off an automated assembly line, ready to load in trucks or place into a warehouse facility.

5. Save Money on Tape

When you manually seal boxes, you may use a lot of tape. A carton sealing machine only uses the minimal amount of tape, and there’s no need to double tape some cartons. Over the course of a year, the savings in materials like tape or glue is substantial.

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