Should You Go for Custom Embroidery in Denver CO?

Many designer shops and customizable apparel outlets offer the option of custom embroidery in Denver CO. Custom embroidery is basically handicraft that is used for decorating the fabric. It can be done by a needle or yarn. It has become very common nowadays, especially in work uniforms and other professional apparel, as it allows companies to create a unique identity for its employees.

There are usually two options to choose from: screen printing or custom embroidery. For instance, if you are getting professional clothing designed for your company’s staff, you will want to get the logo of the company, or the name of the employee, embroidered on the clothes. Some companies also get unique designs embroidered on the clothing. This allows for a bit of uniqueness and sets the uniforms apart.

Here are a few things to consider when opting for custom embroidery:

A Unique Design

If you want custom embroidery on your work wear, you will have to consider the design. Most companies generally opt for their logo on the breast pocket. Sometimes it might be on the right or left sleeve. However, make sure that the design you select is unique and different from others. Embroidery catches the eye and can really prove to be a good addition to the uniform. However, it needs to be unique. Don’t opt for a similar designs or logos that are already common. They won’t provide the desired effect.

Embroidery Is Better Than Screen Printing

One of the most obvious reasons why you should prefer embroidery is the fact that it is better than screen printing. Screen printing is basically the decoration of a garment by using different colored inks. It is permanent and is mainly used for decorating t- shirts. However, after several washes, the screen print begins to wear off.

Since the whole print is literally “printed” on the cloth, it can get damaged and tear off due to regular washing. It can also get damaged if it is pressed with an iron. On the other hand, embroidery means to “stitch” the design or logo in the cloth. There is no chance of damage. Sure, the colors might wear off, but that could take a couple of years at the very least. That’s the average life span of the cloth itself.

Moreover, the costs of embroidery are calculated in a different manner. Where screen printing is charged based upon the design and the amount of colors, embroidery costs are calculated on the basis of the “stitch count.” Hence, the larger the design of the embroidery, the higher would be the stitch count. The number of colors does not matter when it comes to pricing.

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