Should You Get a Box Truck for Your Business?

Many businesses in Texas today require the use of large commercial trucks. For some companies, the choice is obvious but not for all. For example, some businesses may be able to use flat bed, semi or even box or cube trucks and the type of vehicle you choose is very important to your business. There are many good reasons to consider box truck leasing or purchasing and here is why.

What is a Box Truck?

Box trucks are medium duty vehicles with enclosed cargo areas. They get their names from their box or cube type shapes. The back doors are usually pull-down doors and because of their design, they can hold a wide range of cargo types and some are made with reefer units. They should never be confused with semi trucks, which are heavy trucks designed to pull trailers.

Which Businesses Should Consider Box Truck Leasing or Purchasing?

Cube vehicles see a great deal of commercial use in Texas today. Here are some businesses which can benefit from them:

Furniture and Appliance Stores

When most customers order a washer and dryer set or new couch they expect delivery services. Cube trucks work well for the following reasons:

* Protection – your cargo is completely protected from the weather. You can make deliveries in ice, snow, rain or any type of weather and not have to worry about damage to your cargo.

* Convenience – most cube vehicles have a tall enough profile you can load and unload them from a standard dock. This makes it simple and efficient to pick up loads at a warehouse or any other kind of facility.

* Home deliveries – have you ever received a home delivery from a truck pulling a semi trailer? It can be very inconvenient for the driver and almost impossible to get turned around in some neighborhoods. Cube trucks are not difficult to maneuver and frequently travel in residential areas with few problems.

Local Moving Companies

Box vehicles are very popular with local moving services today. Whether you plan to rent moving vans or have your own moving service, these vehicles are perfect for moving furniture and personal belongings within the city.

LTL Freight

Regardless of the business you run, if you have frequent LTL business in Texas it may not be a good idea to use semi trailers. Pup trailers have limited usage but cube vehicles are very versatile and perfect for less than trailer load hauling. If you are thinking about one of these trucks, talk to your local dealer about box truck leasing or buying options. They are there to help you make the right business decisions.

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