Should You Consider an Iron Filtration System?

Does your home use city water or perhaps water from a well? If so, you could have a lot of things dissolved in your water, and you may not know they are there. For example, iron is a common mineral found in standard drinking water, and it can cause a number of problems. Here are some good reasons to consider iron filtration systems from water softener companies in Mayfield and nearby Watertown WI.

Iron Removal

If your water has a lot of iron ions dissolved in it, you might notice a rust or reddish tint. Rust in the water is not good for your home’s pipes and plumbing fixtures. In fact, it can cause a great deal of corrosion within a short time period. Iron filters from companies like can solve corrosion problems in Watertown (close to West Bend WI).

Sulfur Removal

Sulfur in the water can cause a funny odor, and it is often offensive. It may smell like something is rotten, and in some parts of Wisconsin, sulfur content is enough to cause this problem. When you install iron filters and water softeners in your West Bend WI home, you can eliminate this odor.


Did you know sediments collect in public water systems and wells? Tiny particles of rust, sand, clay, or silt can get into water systems, especially after large rainstorms. These sediments can make your water taste bad, and a good water softener with an iron filtration system is the best solution because it removes many common sediments.

Save on Bottled Water

When you drink a lot of bottled drinking water, the costs can add up. If your home has soft, iron-free water, you no longer need to buy bottled water. Check online for “water softener system near me.” Your water softening professionals can answer all your questions about iron filtration equipment.

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