Shopping At A Thrift Store

Shopping in a thrift store can be a fun adventure because you never know what you’re going to find. It’s also a way to save money on everything from clothes to furniture for your home. There are a few tips for shopping at the best thrift stores in St. Augustine FL so that you get the best deals possible instead of taking home items that might break or that you don’t need.

If it’s in your budget, then shop as often as you can, especially if there is a store close to where you live. You’ll usually find that there are certain days during the week when more people take items to a thrift store. Fridays and Mondays are usually the best days to shop because people are cleaning out their homes on the weekends and throughout the week. You might find an entirely new shipment of items in the store only a few days after the day you first shopped during the week as many of the best thrift stores in St. Augustine FL try to keep merchandise fresh and new for customers. If you need to, then ask the employees when new items are put on the racks so that you know when to shop.

When you go to a thrift store, you’ll probably discover that it will accept a debit or credit card. However, some of the smaller stores might accept cash only. There are also some stores that will offer better deals if you pay with cash since they usually have to pay a small fee to use the credit and debit card machine. Treat the employees with respect because they are trying to get as many items out for customers during the day as possible. See if there are any discounts offered if you purchase a large number of items, such as a large selection of clothing or multiple books at one time.

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