Shamanic Rituals Survive and Prosper, Granting Power and Wisdom to Modern Practitioners

When European explorers, and then settlers, landed in the Americas hundreds of years ago, they were unwittingly treading on land that was not only alive with ancient mystical power, but was inhabited by first peoples who had a working understanding of such power. They knew it as the Spirit that runs through all things.

Such knowledge of the sacred ways had long since died out or been forcibly suppressed in Europe, but it had maintained its life force in the bountiful lands of the New World in the hands of the Native Americans. Over time, the non-native settlers took over the governing of the North American lands, forcibly suppressing and eventually outlawing the traditional shamanic rituals and other native ways. Thankfully, there were first peoples who preserved shamanic healing techniques and sacred rituals, despite the very real threat of great personal harm, allowing many of these traditional ways to be reintroduced in our current times through contemporary shamanism.

Shamanism practices are based on the principles that true healing needs to happen at the level of the soul, and that a shamanic healer is only as powerful as his or her relationships to the Spirit World. These relationships must be developed and maintained by the shamanic healer through shamanic rituals that often include sacred offerings, shamanic drumming, shamanic journeying in order to meet with the Spirits, and invocations that make it known to the Spirits what it is they are being called upon to do.

A world of infinite energy and Spirit underlies our everyday lives, and learning to make contact with these realms can bring even modern people much-needed healing for body, mind, and spirit, as well as guidance for meeting the challenges of today’s world. At the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine, an individual who aspires to learn how to work with energy to heal themselves or others can learn shamanic healing techniques to their desired level of shamanic study at Lightsong. The energy healing techniques taught at the school are meant to be used to bring relief from the trials and tribulations of everyday living, in addition to assisting those on a more challenging healing journey due to life traumas.

There are many ways to pursue shamanic study. At the LightSong School there are opportunities for students who are learning shamanic healing techniques to experience community-based gatherings for shamanic rituals, shamanic drumming, and circles for shamanic journeying. If you feel a calling to learn these ancient ways as taught for those living modern lives, there is much information available at the LightSong School’s website at

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